How is Qbits Mega Profits System a Scam?

The internet can be a living haven for people, but at the same time it can be the source of their nightmare. A lot of people have fallen victim to scams through the internet. Even though experts have already given their food for thought regarding how to spot a scam, there are still those that get succumbed to it and losing their money as the result. In the world of binary options trading, scams are existent, too. If you are here about the Qbits Mega Profits scam, then you will learn how the system is a scam in the first place. But before proceeding, read the basic features of an auto trading system at Investopedia.

An auto trading software is basically an application that traders use with their computers to carry out a set of specific set of processes or task. These are algorithms made by the developer of the system, or it can also be carried out by the trader if that is what they wish to do. By running the software through a computer, it will follow a set of defined instructions for doing the trade for the purpose of generating profits at a frequency and speed that is not possible for the human trader to do by itself.

So how does the Qbits Mega Profits system work? It works like any other trading software like any other auto trading software does. However, what makes it a scam is that the qualities and features that it should possess to be recognized as an auto trading software is completely the opposite. Instead, it is composed of PHP open source codes that are designed to suck all your deposit and sent to an unknown broker. Every auto trading software comes with a list of authorized brokers that you can choose; yet the Qbits Mega Profit system does not have it. Experts say that it is not “transparent” for some reason. This means that you don’t get to choose the broker that you want to use. Also, every auto trading system requires the user to deposit a minimum amount of $250 to start trading and choose a broker after that, but since you can’t choose a broker, your money will get sent to a shady one instead.

So how do you avoid getting scammed by Qbits Mega Profit system? Avoid using the software entirely. No matter how convincing the video gets, you should keep your guard and be careful getting lured in by their false promises that never works in the first place. The two people that you see in the video that shows you the luxury they have reached from using the software is just set up to make sure that you believe their story. Even the pictures of the members making their testimony are already false in itself, since the source is from another company. The auto trading software that you should be working with are those that have been established as legit systems that have been around for more than a decade.